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Don't Gamble With Your Life And Your Future

We Cannot Guarantee Results, But We'll Do One Better

In law, attorneys apply their knowledge and experience to the matter at hand, to the best of their abilities. They do not guarantee outcomes, because outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

But at The Roach Law Firm, I can give you something better than a guarantee:

  • I can promise you some of the most zealous and aggressive representation of any law firm anywhere
  • I can promise you some of the most thorough preparation you'll find in a lawyer
  • I can promise you a group of legal professionals who love their work, which far more often than not translates into amazing outcomes

Continue reading below to learn more about me, Susan Roach, and The Roach Law Firm.

Zealous And Aggressive Legal Representation

All lawyers say that they offer zealous and aggressive representation of their clients, but do they really mean it? At The Roach Law Firm, I mean it. So does my colleague, W. Edwin Roussin. So does every member of my staff.

Zealous and aggressive representation means:

  • We all have years of experience in family law and criminal defense, which translates into real confidence about the law itself, our legal position, and the plan we've made to achieve your goals
  • We truly connect with our clients, primarily by listening to you and your story, starting with our first meeting
  • We are available for you 24/7/365, holidays and weekends included, for calls, texts, emails, and snail mail, when you need our help and advice

On the above point about my availability, I mean that, too.

Often in a family or criminal law situation, my clients need to know whether they're making a mistake or facing a serious problem at this very moment - not tomorrow, not next week, but now. The advice I give at any hour of the day often helps to reduce your stress and prevents you from making strategic mistakes that could damage your case.

Thorough Preparation

At The Roach Law Firm, thorough preparation is:

  1. Following our investigative discovery process (issuing subpoenas, deposing witnesses, etc.), honed and continually improved over the years, the results of which then serve as a "compass" for our pursuit of either a settlement or a trial
  2. Conducting an ongoing cost-benefit analysis of the scope of discovery, crucial in high-asset divorce cases (for example), to limit your financial loss and improve the outcome
  3. Getting you ready to testify in court (if necessary), in a mock courtroom setting, just you and familiar members of The Roach Law Firm, which will help us prove our case

I do not wish to overstate the trial skills I've acquired over the years - but these were not acquired overnight, nor were they easy to come by. They come from years litigating hundreds of cases, ranging from murder to interstate child custody, in front of judges and juries, from my homebase in St. Louis to the West Coast of California.

And at the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming (I attended in 2003 and return regularly) we specifically learn about how to tell the client's story so that it has a real impact on those who hear it. In short, I will listen to your story, and then I will make it heard.

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